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Business plan Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Business plan - Coursework Example This will be on peak hours of the day, that is, mornings and evenings from Monday to Saturday. During the day time, the buses will ferry passengers within the city. The buses will make as many trips as possible. The operation starts from 5.00 am to 11.00pm. This is because many city residents work at extreme times of the day and all should be accommodated. This will assure the company stable market all the time. It is approximated that 18,000 people accessing the town every day. Some of them use personal cars, others buses and taxis while the majority on foot. The available transport vehicles have taken the opportunity of scarcity and escalated the fares making the ordinary citizens walk to and fro the city daily. Nevertheless, their condition is pathetic. In order to reach many customers, the city track bus service will prepare business cards and brochures showing the services offered and the location of the company. To reach many customers, the company will introduce online services. This include creation of the company website, use of Facebook and twitter and even internet. This will enable other customers, especially those who want to hire for private use or other functions, to access the services. There will be a central office where the company manages its operations. The long distant travelers will book for their tickets to facilitate effective service. The company will fix bus stations on all routes. The passengers gather at the bus stops for easy service delivery. As the company grows, the buses will be fixed with modern flat-screen TV sets. This will entertain the passengers as the travel. Apart from this, music systems shall be amalgamated. This strategy has not been employed by the existing companies. The city track company will have centralized management system with the manager having full control over them. The central office located within the town will include

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The killing of US citizen Anwar al Awlaki in Yemen Research Paper

The killing of US citizen Anwar al Awlaki in Yemen - Research Paper Example President Obama sought to justify the killing by stating that Anwar and his Al-Qaeda affiliates guided a failed trial or attempt to bomb an airplane in December 2009 during Christmas celebrations. Further, the president stated that Anwar also directed a failed trial to bomb an American cargo aircraft in 2010 (CBSNEWS.Com, 2012). The killing of Anwar al-Alwaki by a missile assault elicited a heated debate on the U.S justification of using lethal force against American citizens. For the first time since the end of American civil war, the U.S government had conducted an intentional and deliberate killing or murder of an American resident or citizen as a wartime foe and in absence of trial. The American government tried to keep the matter a secret but the choice to hunt and murder Anwar became an issue of public debate and scrutiny. Some American wondered the limitation of the powers of the president if he can order the killing of Americans abroad based on secret intelligence. It is significant to note that the killings of Anwar in Yemen brought in new information about the intelligence, military and legal challenges that the U.S government faced. This is because it shows the risks or perils of war, depending on missile strike from drone rarely recognized by the U.S citizens and intricate justifications written for only a selected few officials to read (The New Times, 2013). It is believed that Anwar al-Alwaki and Samir Khan who killed in the drone strike were al-Qaeda operational leader in Yemen. The two were U.S citizens who had never been accused by the American government nor indicted with any crime. The secrecy behind such drone strikes emerged as major issue because of the legal and ethical issues involved in the killings (Wilson Center, 2012). Information from the U.S department of Justice asserted that the drone missile

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The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Essay Example for Free

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Essay European Journal of Business and ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)Vol 4, No.8, 2012 100 and support services to accelerate the development and modernisation of MSMEs, SMEDAN badly needed to have acomprehensive understanding and knowledge of the population of MSMEs in the country, their distribution bysectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, trade, construction, mining, technology, etc, and their distribution by rural and urban areas as well as the level of vertical and horizontal linkages within and betweenvarious sectors of industry so as to access the level of industrial integration and the incidence of sub-contracting andits potential in giving a flip to industrial development. The census/survey will also enable SMEDAN to determine and assess the major operating difficulties of MSMEsrelating to both market functions (such as demand-pricing factors, supply factors, raw materials, technologyinfrastructure, etc) and policy environment as it relates to regulatory, incentive and support regimes. The overall benefits of the census/survey would hinge on the expected robust data and information, which SMEDAN wouldemploy as a basis for policy formulation, implementation and intervention, effective developmental planning, vitaladvice on new investments, grow and profitable areas, raw materials availability as well as available technology,available markets, available sources of funds and assistance.The survey exercise is also expected to adequately equip and empower SMEDAN to effectively do the following,inter alia:i. Map out effective strategies for revamping and reforming the MSMEs sub-sector through appropriatelyadvising the government on policy formulation and execution.ii. Recommend the right operators for various incentives and support by government including funding, be itloan, equity and grants.iii. Offer relevant advisory services to state governments on how best to support and invigorate MSMEs in their domains bearing their peculiarities and circumstances in mind.iv. Ide ntify viable projects for both local and foreign investors in order to attract foreign investment.v. Identify viable projects with export potentials and also identify and advise on the appropriate foreignmarkets in order to boost foreign exchange Identify and assess MSMEs critical requirements in the areas of capacity building, skills gap, knowledge,skills and process and liaise with the relevant institutions and agencies of government like the National PovertyEradication Programme (NAPEP), the Centre for Management Development (CMD), the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), etc.vii. Establish a befitting business support centre for each state in the federation.viii. Facilitate the promotion and government patronage of quality local products of MSMEs for either localconsumption or export or both. 4.1 A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BETWEEN INDIA’S SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES (SSIs) ANDNIGERIA’S SMEs The magnitude of contributions as well as the impact of SSIs on the economic growth and development of India ishighly significant as evidenced by the following figures. The SSIs represent ninety-five percent (95%) of the totalindustrial units in India, contribute forty-five percent (45%) of the total industrial output, account for eighty percent(80%) of all employment in the industrial sector, and contribute thirty-five percent (35%) each of total exports andvalue-added by the entire manufacturing sector respectively in India. Between 1990 and 1991, SSI real growth inIndia recorded between a low of 7.1% in 1993/94 and a high of 11.3% in 1996/97.As a result of commitment and focus on SSIs and driven by their all important role in the economic development, thegovernment of India had as far back as in 1948 put in place, an effective and efficient industrial policy for developing SSIs such that by the year 2000, India had three (3) million SSIs with a production value of US$110billion, export volume of US$ 10billion and staff strength or employment figure of eighteen (18) million. Eventhough SMEs‟ performance in Nigeria shows that technology and fiscal incentives had made little positive impact onthe sub-sector given the obvious lapses in implementation modalities as well as the constraining policy andinfrastructural environment, recent estimates have put the contribution of SMEs to total industrial employment in Nigeria at seventy percent (70%) and to total manufacturing output at 10 – 15 percent. SMEs in Nigeria have beenquite active in promoting the use of local raw materials with many of them also engaged in the processing of localinputs into either intermediate or final products especially agro-allied and solid minerals products. Many SMEs havealso successfully adopted imported plant and machinery for local use and thus positioning themselves as veritable European Journal of Business and ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)Vol 4, No.8, 2012 101 tools for promoting technical expertise and development of indigenous entrepreneurship. The Nigerian SMEs aremostly resource-based and dispersed throughout the country (in urban, suburban and rural areas) and hence have tosome extent, facilitated the opening up of the rural areas, mitigated rural-urban drift, and significantly contributed to poverty alleviation.The following represent a brief comparison between Nigeria‟s SMEs and India‟s SSIs:i. Definition†¢ Nigeria‟s SMEs cover enterprises with total cost of N20million excluding land and total employees of between 10and 300 people†¢ India‟s SSIs are defined as units in the manufacturing, processing or preservation of goods with investment in plantand machinery not exceeding Rupees 10million ($210,000).The difference here hinges on the fact that India has no provision for mediu m scale enterprises; their focus is on thereal sector thus excluding trading and services. (ii) Credit Dispensation:†¢ In Nigeria, there are universal banks, development banks, and other special institutions, which provide credit butnot at subsidized rates.†¢ In India, there is a multi-agency system for credit flows; term loans are provided by term lending institutions andworking capital is provided by commercial banks.(iii) Funding Arrangements:†¢ In Nigeria, no minimum quantum of credits to SMEs is mandatory anymore. In the past, a percentage of totalcredits used to be mandatory for SMEs. However, 10% of banks‟ annual Profit Before Tax (PBT) is mandatory for equity investment in SMEs under the SMIEIS program.†¢ In India, 40% of total advances go to the priority sector, and 60% of net bank credit to the priority sector goes toSSIs.(iv) Management of funds invested in SMEs/SSIs:†¢ In Nigeria, the funds can be managed directly, or through a subsidiary or through a venture capital manager.†¢ In India, the credits to SSIs are driven need-ba sed limits on liberal terms with level and profitability as key factorsand not linked to security or collateral. Flexibility is the watchword with each activity assessed on its own merit.(v) Structure of BusinessesIn Nigeria, an SME must be a limited liability company†¢ In India, an SSI could be a limited liability company, or a partnership or a proprietary firm.(vi) Incentives and support to the SME/SSI sector:†¢ In Nigeria, it is mandatory for banks to set aside 10% of their annual profit before tax in support of SMEs. TheBank of Industry (BOI) is expected to provide credits to SMEs but not on soft lending rates. It is only the NigerianExport Import Bank (NEXIM) that provides soft loans to export oriented SMEs.†¢ In India, the incentive and support schemes available to SSIs are much more elaborate and include official generaland organisational support as well as support by other agencies. The nature and levels of key incentives and supportinclude but are not limited to the following:From the above, one can categorically affirm that the incentives and support given to SSIs by the government of India are quite wholesome and formidable. The package of support and incentives provided by the government of Nigeria can in fact, be said to be insignificant when compared with those of India. It is thus less surprising, thedevelopment gap between the SSIs of India and the Nigerian SME sub-sectors and hence the significant role SSIs are playing in the economic growth and development of India. The continuous reinforcement of incentives and support European Journal of Business and ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)Vol 4, No.8, 2012 102 to SSIs by the government of India underscores the high degree of appreciation of the importance of the SSIsubsector to the future of the Indian economy.In Nigeria, there are relatively few SMEs in the formal sector and many more in the informal sector. TheInternational Labour Organisation (ILO) has attempted to make some estimates of the contributions made to theeconomy by SMEs, including the informal sector, and believes that they account for over 60 percent of economicactivities and over 35 percent of urban employment 4.2 RESEARCH DESIGN The research design approach adopted in this work is the survey research technique. The survey approach appeared best suited for this work since it is not feasible to interview the entire population. Furthermore, in surveys, there arefixed sets of questions, and responses are systematically classified, so that quantitative comparisons can be made.The sources of primary data were through questionnaires that were administered to the SMEs owner-manager andoral interview held with them. Secondary data were gathered from earlier research work and studies that have beendone. METHOD OF DATA ANALYSIS Appropriate descriptive statistical techniques such as frequency distribution and simple percentages were used tocharacterize the responses. The use of percentages analysis enables the figures in the research work which were inabsolute terms to be converted to real terms. The statistical tool facilitated the comparism of figures and standardizesdata, thereby reducing the difficulty of comparing non standardized figures. It uses 100 as its base.An in-depth examination of the responses revealed that SMEs involved in manufacturing/assembling ventures rated poor infrastructure as their greatest challenge. Worst among the infrastructural problems facing the SMEs relates toelectrical energy supply, which is rather hydra-headed. In some cases it is nonexistence in which case theentrepreneur has to provide his own energy supply. In other cases it is either epileptic in supply with incessantoutages with the attendant damages to equipment or the voltage supplied is too low as to support the plant andmachinery in use for the respective operation. The increase in production cost emanating from inadequate electric power supply to SMEs is said to be enormous. These costs relate to loss in output due to down time as a result of power outages, cost of fixing damaged equipment resulting from outages, poor quality of products as a result of bumpy production process, the high cost of fuel to operate own generating plants, costs of maintaining and servicingthese generating sets. Respondents regretted the frustration they encounter daily from power outages adding that the plant and equipment they use, especially the locally fabricated ones, can hardly absorb the shocks they are routinelysubjected to. FINDINGS SMEs have been fully recognized by governments and development experts as the main engine of economic growthand a major factor in promoting private sector development and partnership. The development of the SME sector therefore represents an essential element in the growth strategy of most economies and holds particular significancein the case of Nigeria. SMEs not only contribute significantly to improved living standards, employment generationand poverty reduction but they also bring about substantial domestic or local capital formation and achieve highlevels of productivity and capability. From a planning standpoint, SMEs are increasingly recognized as the principalmeans for achieving equitable and sustainable industrial diversification, growth and dispersal. In most countries,including the developed countries like Japan, USA, UK, etc, SMEs account for well over half of the total share of employment, sales, value added and hence contribution to GDP.A major gap in Nigeria‟s industrial development process in the past years has been the absence of a strong and virileSME sub-sector. With over 120 million people, vast productive and arable farmland, rich variety of mineral depositsand other natural resources, Nigeria should have been a haven for SMEs. Unfortunately, SMEs have not played thesignificant and crucial role they are expected to play in Nigeria‟s economic growth, development andindustrialization.

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The Ballad Essay -- Literature History

This essay is about the Ballad, contrasting how the ballad went from an oral tradition to the ballad form known today. The Ballad can be any narrative song, but in technical terms a ballad is a specific literary form. The word ballad comes from the Latin and Italian word â€Å"ballare,† meaning â€Å"to dance†. Collins, (1985). The second word translation of â€Å"ballade† comes from the French language and means "dancing song". Oxford, (1995). Therefore a ballad is a song that tells a story, and was originally a musical accompaniment to a dance. Ballads are very old and were handed down orally through generation to generation before they began to be written down. Because of this, most of the surviving ballads have been greatly adapted as they were passed around. However, traditional ballads do share some features. The ballad is a narrative poem of popular origin usually very long, epic in style. The language is simple and is not sentimental. The poem can be about a relationship or an experience, good, bad, triumphant, or tragic, set to music. Hubbell (1923). Ch 235. Furthermore the structure and tone is made up of verses of four lines, with a rhyming pattern, repartition is often found in the ballad, entire stanzas can be repeated, like a chorus, or a repeated with certain words changed. The verse form, sometimes called the "ballad metre†. A question and answer can be built into the stanza and there is a lot of dialogue, with the action often described in the first person. Two characters can talk to one another in alternating lines or stanzas. Hubbell, (1923).ch,235. The core structure for a ballad is a quatrain, written with either a-b-c-b, or a-b-a-b rhyme scheme. "a" stands for one line ending, "b" for another, and "c" for another s... .... 3rd Ed. The Norton Anthology of Poetry. W.W. Norton & company Ltd. London. Bell, R. Ed. (1996). Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England 1550-1867. Accessed on 26/12/10 Eddy, S. Ed. (2009). Lyrical Ballads York advanced notes. York Press London. Hubbell, J.B. (1923). An introduction to poetry. The Macmillan company Ltd, London Attained on the kindle HTTP:// introduction to poetry. Accessed on the 19/12/10. Mcleod, T. P. Hanks. Eds (1985). Collins Concise English Dictionary. Guild Publishing, London. Palmer, R. (1979). A Ballad History of England from 1588 to present day. The Anchor Press Ltd, Tiptree. Phythian, B.A. (1978). Considering Poetry An Approach to Criticism. Hodder & Stoughton Educational. Sevenoaks. Randall, D. Ed. (1971). The Black Poets. Bantam Books. New York.

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Is literature the expression of the human condition

Is Literature the Expression of the Human Condition Oh yes, is literature the expression of the human condition or is it not? Yes, literature is and for only one reason, Normans Conquest 1066. But also literature is recorders of history, recordings of time. Literature also a sequence of words, it can consist of all meanings, expressing the human condition, emotions, recorders, it defines life. The human condition is experiences of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context, it's an aspect of positives and negatives of being human.So forth, literature is shown in Death of a Salesman, where Willy is stuck in his wn past and everyone but him knows that. But like all humans, we all have dreams, hopes, and plans. â€Å"LINDA: He'll find his way. WILLY: Sure. Certain men Just don't get started till later in life. Like Thomas Edison, I think. Or B. F. them was deaf. [He starts for the money on Biff. † Goodrich. One of bedroom doorway. ] I'll put my Willy hoping that one day for Biff to be a famous salesman, like one of the best salesman out there, at the top with Thomas Edison, or B.F. or Goodrich. But both Linda and Willy knew that Biff would never be a major success in business, but even though they knew it, they still hoped and believed in him. The American dream was to be the number one, at the top better than everyone else and that's what Willy always wanted, he wanted to be the best, especially the best salesman. He was living in the past and ruining all hopes of ever becoming the best. He Just couldn't grasp on the fact that the future was coming sooner then he thought, and wasn't ready for it.CHARLEY: â€Å"Nobody dast blame this man. You don't understand: Willy was a salesman. And for a salesman, there's no rock bottom to the life. He don't put a bolt to a the law or give you medicine. He's a nut, he don't tell you man way out there in the blue riding on a smile and a ack†that's an shoeshine. And when they start not smiling earthqua ke. And then you get yourself a couple spots your hat and your finished. Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream boy, it comes with the territory. Charley insisting that Willy a salesman and no matter he always will be, his dream will never die, and even when your salesman and it's not going the best it possibly can or you're not the best in the world there's no rock bottom. Also as you can see in Great Gatsby ,Literature is expressing that humans can be split by wealth The poor do their own thing, nave their own parties and hen the more wealthy class stay with their group and have their own events. But also in this book it prove one man's love for a women and how long and how far people are willing to go to prove their love.Well for Gatsby he Just never gave up on the girl of his dreams, he followed her, set up every moment perfectly, planned everything. â€Å"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one†¦ Just remember that all the people in this world havent ha d the advantages that you've had. â€Å"(l) In life, not everyone has the opportunities as others would get, so it's like that saying â€Å"Don't Judge a book by its cover. † Because if you are criticizing people Just off looks, or what you think they might be or what they might have done, you might never know, and maybe you would be wrong.You never know what some people have been through, until that day you learn how to go up to them and stop Judging and talk to them and find out who they really are. In humans we have the intensity to always Judge someone, will it be looks, wealth, personality, how they talk, or what they do. No matter where you go it's in the human condition that someone or everyone will Judge you, either it will be said to your face or in their mind. It's human nature for Judging, to also debate weather how we will get treated or act. â€Å"Gatsby's wonder when he first picked out the green light at the end of Daisy's dock†¦. is dream must have clos e that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He seemed so did not know that it was already behind him. † (182) Gatsby gets so close to the girl he's in love with, so close but yet so far. Emotions is one of the key part to the human condition, love can play a big role in life, it can take control over your mind, soul, heart, everything, it can be the best feeling in the world or it can be the worst. It can feel like heaven but hurt like hell. But if love didn't hurt or give the pain it gives then there would be no reasons to come back to it.Or to keep falling in and out of love. In The Adventures of Huckflnn, Huck lies throughout the book, but in some cases it's for the best, to either save himself or someone he cares about. But it's like Truth vs. Lies vs. Life and death, for example â€Å"Honest, I'll tell you everything Just as it happened, your majesty. The man that had a-holt of me was very good to kept saying he had a boy about as big as me that he was sorry to see a boy in such a me, and ied last year, and dangerous fix; and when they was all took by surprise by coffin, he lets go sure! finding the gold, and made a rush for the of me and whispers, ‘Heel it now, or theyll hang ye, and I lit out. It didn't seem no good for ME to stay†I couldn't do nothing, and I didn't want to be hung if I could So I never stopped running till I found the canoe; told Jim to hurry, or theyd catch me get away. and when I got here I and hang me yet, and said I was afeard you and the duke so was Jim, Jim if I 55) wasn't alive now, and I was awful sorry, and and was awful glad when we see you coming; you may askHuck is lying to save himself, but also he got lucky that the man that was holding him, his son died that year and was around his age and height, but it reminded n of his son. The man felt sorry for Huck, that he was in such a dangerous fix, so when the man got a chance to let Huck run, he did. The human condition, is like when we get a chance to lie we u sually take it, Just as long as we get what we want, Just put words together and make it into sentences that people want to hear, but it's all bull shit.An nice over being a asshole, out in the world there are mainly assholes, but ho can really blame them since if your too nice you get taken for granted. In Winesburg Ohio, literature is expressed through many of ways, in all of the short stories. In â€Å"Hands† a guy uses his hands to talk but he got kick out of his home town for doing that, for the town people thought he wasn't the same as them, and they didn't like people who where different, they wanted everything the same everyone the same. The coming of industrialization, attended by all the roar and rattle of affairs, the shrill cries of millions have come among us from overseas, trains, the growth of cities, of voices that he going and coming of the building of the interurban car lines that weave in in and out of towns and past farmhouses, and now these later days the coming of the automobiles has worked a tremendous change in lives and in the habits of thought of our people of Mid- America. â€Å"(56) Urbanization and travel have changed America, as the humanity started to change so did movement, traveling, and more to advance into the future.Making life easier, but in Winesburg Ohio, towns were full of one type of people because if you were different they would either run you out of the town or end up killing you, having someone different then veryone else Just wasn't common for them. Going on, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, as a slave suffering was a daily thing, and white folks were stupid for insistence†¦ â€Å"l have often been utterly astonished, since I came to the north, to find persons who could speak of the among slaves, as evidence of their It is impossible to singing, contentment and happiness. conceive of a greater mistake.Slaves sing most when they are most unhappy. The songs of the slave sorrows of his heart; and he is relieved represent the by them, only as an aching heart is relieved by its often tears. At least, such is my experience. I have sung to drown my sorrow, but seldom to express my happiness. Crying for Joy, and singing for Joy, were uncommon to me while in the Jaws of slavery. alike The singing ofa man cast away upon a desolate considered as island might be as appropriately evidence of contentment and happiness, as the singing of a slave; the songs of the one and of the prompted by the same emotion. (2. 9) other are The white folks that seen the slave singing songs, and dancing thought that they were happy, but never really understand that they were hoping for slavery to stop, to be free. Every man and every women should have equal rights no matter what color black, white, yellow, blue.. ect. All humans are equal that how God made us, Just because some are better in other things than others, doesn't make them less human or equal, slavery could work either way. So why put yo urself in a position that you wouldn't want to be in, in the first place.The Things They Carried, as literature is the expression of the human condition, it can be a not so pretty site at time. Life's already like a war, it's like the battlefield of life, but then to add to it, we got the most horrible thing know to mankind â€Å"war. â€Å"When I'm out there at night, I feel close to my own body, I can feel my blood moving, my skin and my everything, it's like I'm full of electricity fingernails, and I'm glowing in the dark– I'm on fire almost–l'm burning away to nothing–but it doesn't matter because I know exactly where I am. (1 1 1) War can change all aspects of a man, it's one of the most burial things in this world and watching with your only two pairs of eyes. We all have our own limits, till we finally break, and watching as your comrades or one of your best friends get shot, either critically injured, or to point they die. Will always change someone, c hange their life forever, war is not something to Joke about as are men fight for our safety and for us, we sit back at home living our life, like nothing going on. I'm skimming across the surface of my own history, moving fast, riding the melt beneath the loops and spins, and when I take a blades, doing high leap into the dark and come down thirty years Timmy's later, I realize it is as Tim trying to save life with a story. â€Å"(246) In this quote it shows what people really would do to save someone life, because one life can make a big differences. But Literature is the expression of the human condition, for life is something worth wild, as words have all different kinds of meaning they all can be inter twined with each other, which can tell stories and which makes history as we know it.

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Methods to Conserve Energy - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 371 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/09/24 Category Advertising Essay Type Narrative essay Tags: Energy Essay Did you like this example? Using natural energy resources doesnt necessarily mean you will conserve any energy, yet we do advise every household to research the possibility of implementing natural energy resources to influence their home power supply. This will conserve the fossil fuels we are currently consuming at an alarming rate. Many little things can be done in an attempt to conserve energy in the home. It is knowing how to do these little energy conservation processes that many people do not know about, understand, or just dont care. Another way relating to how we can conserve energy is to ensure whenever we have finished using appliances that may have a light on them (such as a standby light), we switch the appliance off, or unplug after use. Little things can make a big difference in conserving energy around the home, and this is especially true for dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Modern dishwashers have energy saving wash cycles, we strongly advise the use of such features, wa shing machines can be set to lower temperature washes, when used with the right washing powder, and a dryer, well if you own a dryer, get rid of it and dry your washing naturally on a washing line. Hybrid cars can make a difference to your carbon footprint, and can help you save energy. No, they will not eliminate carbon emissions from their exhausts, yet they will greatly reduce the amount of carbon you pump into the air each year. The only reason you should need a 44 vehicle is if you live in a rough terrain area, or constantly snowy area. When you choose your next car, be sure to check the miles per gallon to see how efficient your car will be, this not only helps the environment but it saves you money on fuel too. When conserving energy, we can also look to our heating methods, why not reduce your heating thermostat or radiators by only 1 degree for a lengthy time, and compare your heating bill? If you recycle more, you will be helping to conserve energy put into making new v ersions of what you have recycled, and this also reduces the burden on landfill sites and incinerators which are not good for the environment Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Methods to Conserve Energy" essay for you Create order

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The Concept Of Reference Management As Seen The Eyes Of...

In this study, I will be researching and narrowing down three topics, provide a description and the reason why the topics should be worth of doctoral-level study in my degree type. Part two of this study will be to list the keywords used in the research and part three of this study will be to discuss the concept of reference management as seen in the eyes of author Dianne Ridley. Micro finance and economics in rural areas Microfinance also known as microcredit is the provision of financial services to small businesses or groups of entrepreneurs in an effort to eradicate poverty. This is most common to developing or third world countries and is provided to people who don’t qualify for the formal banking system, in other words people without†¦show more content†¦Ignoring the emergence of new markets however small they are is doomed to failure of an economy Emerging market are worth of doctoral-level study because Operational risk management for small enterprises Is a tool used by management to make smart decisions about how to mitigate risks. The goal is to manage risk so that there is minimal impact on the continuity of the business. Operational risk management involves five steps which includes; identifying hazards, assessing the hazards, making risk decisions, implementing controls and supervising watching for change to occur. There are also three levels associated with risk management to include in-depth, deliberate and time critical. Operational Risk Management is worth of doctoral-level study because it is the means through which risks that would negatively affect business operations are identified and informed judgment to mitigate the identified risks are made. Hence it decreases or eliminates operational loss in businesses, decreases exposure to future risks by ensuring that management has good continuity plans and detects illegal actions. It is therefore essential at a doctorial level to have well informed knowledge about operational risk management to better suit in the work environment. Part 2 Using the ProQuest dissertation and theses database, I entered Microfinance, microfinance and economic development, microfinance insights in the search box but the